Drive growth with magical Web3 customer experiences.

See how Vera Labs can help you unlock revenue and enhance membership and loyalty experiences for your customers.

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Binance Smart Chain


Turn your customers into global ambassadors.

  • The first membership that grows with loyalty.

    Customers can now own their membership and loyalty status - the more they interact with your brand, the more perks and benefits they accrue, the more desired their NFT becomes.

  • Loyalty status that travels with customers anywhere they go.

    Brands can now provide incentives, rewards, and experiences for customers throughout both the physical and digital worlds on a single platform.

  • The first membership that can be sold, rented, or lent.

    Customers that are not using their membership benefits may have the option to sell, rent, or lend it to others to generate income, accelerating viral community growth.

  • Identity that follows the customer to any community or metaverse.

    Each user and NFT has an identity and status that follows the customer throughout any journey within and between different communities, amplifying cross-community pollination and viral, omnichannel growth.

Why Web3?


Beautiful customer experiences.

  • One-click sign up with email or SMS.

    Customers can sign up and redeem their NFTs with only an email or mobile phone number. No crypto wallet is required.

  • Accept credit cards and fiat payment options.

    Customers can purchase or rent NFTs using their credit cards or existing familiar e-commerce payment providers.

  • Easily redeem rewards or experiences.

    Integrate our white labeled customer rewards redemption portal onto your own website to let your customers access their benefits with one click.

  • Guaranteed floor prices to optimize trust and liquidity.

    Our NFTs may be backed by real-world assets, enabling guaranteed floor prices, optimal customer trust and marketplace liquidity.


Easily integrate with your existing business.

  • Complete, on-brand domain name whitelabel solution.

    Our no-code contract builder, automated art generator, email autoresponder, mint page, marketplace, and token gated pages make it easy and intuitive for you to spin up NFT membership and loyalty projects under your brand's domain name.

  • Supports minting NFTs on any blockchain.

    Have full flexibility for any blockchain for your NFTs such as Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, Solana, and more.

  • Integrate to your existing tech stack.

    Integrate your membership or loyalty application with your favorite CRM, ERP, POS, e-commerce store, marketing software, loyalty software and more to give your customer relationships Web3 superpowers.


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